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What Should I Post on Facebook or Twitter to Encourage Customer Interaction?

What Should I Post on Facebook or Twitter to Encourage Customer Interaction?

Wow…it’s been awhile since I’ve written a new blog post!  I hope I didn’t lose anyone; I have no real excuse and appreciate you reading!

So, what should you post on Facebook or Twitter to encourage customer interaction?  That’s the $100 million dollar question, isn’t it?  Every company will be different because what you post is dependent on what type of business you have.  However, there are some basic guidelines for your social media marketing strategy.

Each business owner will first need to take a look and examine who is your target audience.  You don’t want to just randomly post because your message could go unheard.  By writing your posts with your target audience in mind will better ensure that your message will be heard and more importantly acted upon.  Once you have over 5000 Likes on your Facebook page, Facebook gives you another tool that makes it easier to target your posts to your specific audience; in the mean time, post with your customer in mind.

Second, you want to keep in mind that if you bombard your page with sales pitches or promotions you’re going to lose people.  No one wants a used car salesman in their face all the time.  However, that being said, you probably should have a monthly promotion or contest to give customers something to try to win or provide discounts because a study has shown that 40% of people on Facebook “like” a brand or business because of the discounts they provide.  (

A business owner should also post what I call humanity posts.  Customers and people in general love to “peek behind the scenes” and see how the business works.  Post pictures or tips that would provide your followers with insight that they may not know about your company; make them feel special and unique!

Another type of content that should be posted are what interests YOU!  Give your followers insight to what you enjoy: hobbies, activities, sports teams, charities that you support will provide an opportunity for your customers to get to know you.  Wouldn’t you prefer to do business with those who have similar interests or at least know who you’re doing business with?  Almost everyone has a smart phone to find local businesses to do research on the business BEFORE visiting their store, so provide your potential customers with content that they can get to know you online and feel comfortable with you and bring their business to you.

Finally, if you make posts that customers can comment on, you’ll an increase in activity on your page and increase the likelihood that your customers are sharing your content with their friends.  This means asking open-ended questions to get their opinions (what flavor of ice cream would you like to see us carry?); create polls to give people an opportunity to vote and make their voice heard; anything that would give your customers a feeling of belonging or influence will ensure your content will be shared and activity go up.

Let me know if I can help you manage your social  media or answer any questions!

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