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Why You Should Be Listening To Your Customers on Social Media

Why You Should Be Listening To Your Customers on Social Media

There are few businesses that have yet to jump on board social media in one way or another. Unfortunately, just because a business is using one or more social media platforms does not mean that the business is taking full advantage of the power of social media – particularly when it comes to customer service.

Studies show 82% of consumers prefer to use social media to speak directly to businesses, whether to get answers to questions, vent frustrations or obtain solutions to issues with a problem or service. If you are not using social media for customer service, you are not leveraging one of the most powerful tools to generate customer satisfaction.

How To Use Social Media For Customer Service

1. Be responsive.

When customers reach out to you on social media, respond quickly. Even if you need time to come up with a solution, respond now so that the customer knows you are paying attention. When people reach out to businesses on social media, they expect some sort of acknowledgment within 1 hour!

2. Treat them well.

No matter how frustrated, rude or mean you may feel like the customer is being, you have to show that you care. Let them know you care about what is happening and be accountable. Showing you care and being honest about making mistakes is key to building loyalty.

3. Use the same channels they do.

If your customer sends you a tweet about a problem, communicate through Twitter. If they send a message on Facebook, message back on Facebook. Only request they move to another form of communication if it is absolutely necessary to solve the problem.

4. Keep track of what is happening.

You should adopt some method of keeping track of what your customers are asking and when. By identifying patterns, you can better respond and maybe even anticipate problems before they happen. You can find applications that can aid in tracking social media interactions and creating tickets for issues that need solving.

It may take some practice, but using social media for customer service will ultimately make your life easier and improve customer relations. Fast, free and effective, social media presents a real opportunity for any company that wants to retain and attract customers.

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