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Why It’s Important To Utilize Customer Content As Part Of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Why It’s Important To Utilize Customer Content As Part Of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking for one more way to have an edge on your competition, start including customer content in your social media marketing strategy. Here’s an interesting statistic. Consumers are 83 percent more likely to trust peer recommendations than ads developed by companies. This is powerful information for marketing professionals. Social media has transitioned into the new normal for consumers and successful brands are taking notice. So should you. Here are 5 reasons marketers should use customer content in their social media strategy:

1. Approximately seven out of ten Americans use social media to communicate with each other, get entertained and share information. This includes information about products and brands. These successful brands encourage consumers to share stories with their friends as product reviews (UGC).

2. Social Media is instrumental in reaching the growing millennial generation so speak their language. Customer posts spread the word and allow customers to share their feelings about your company, This in results in creating an authentic platform for them to express their feelings which is an inexpensive, powerful marketing tool for you.

3. Engage Customers by asking them questions, to post photos, or respond to a survey. User generated content (UGC) can provide marketers with instrumental information and leave your customers feeling good about your brand. By allowing customers share their input, you humanize your product, make it more interesting and sharable and open the door to new audiences.

4. Get Valuable Customer Feedback. Long gone are the days of time consuming, expensive focus groups. Social media is doing just that, but all the time in real time. Social media is the perfect source for knowing what makes your customers’ tick. Always engage customers and ask them to share their input with you and others through social media.

5. Drive More Conversions: Today, user generated content is more influential than traditional media sources and can even help you increase sales. Stories and other content shared on social media is the first place future customers look for product information. Once they are comfortable with your company through social posts, then they move on to ecommerce or a brick and mortar store for the sale.

As always, if you have any questions about this topic, please reach out to let us know!

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