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Wrap Up From Social Media Day San Diego 2018 – Part 2

Wrap Up From Social Media Day San Diego 2018 – Part 2

(Disclaimer: Many factors will be important in determining your actual results on social media and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody elses, in fact, no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from our ideas and techniques presented in our blogs or videos.)

If you missed out on attending Social Media Day San Diego, it’s ok – we’ve got you covered! This week’s topics will be about organic reach, marketing to Millennials, running Facebook ads, and Instagram marketing.

Tyler Anderson: Organic Reach Is Dead: The New Rules of Social Media & How to Achieve Success Organically

This shouldn’t be new to anyone as this has been the norm for almost a year now, but he did give some tips that business owners might not have thought about using:

1) Using Paid Social. But wait a minute, how is that organic you ask? He pointed out that using specific call to actions in your ads will help generate organic reach because Facebook will not show your ad & waste your money as long as you’re getting organic results. Here are 4 CTA’s he gave:

  • a) “Buy Tickets” (or anything about buying now) – straight up conversion
  • b) Watch Our Video – once people watch 10 seconds or more you can retarget them and lead them down your sales funnel
  • c) Like – these 3 all lead to organic reach
  • d) Comment
  • e) Share

2) User Generated Content. Ask users to share their pictures with you – but be sure in your post you let them know that by sharing their photo with your business they are giving you permission to share their photos across your other social media channels for promotion, giving them photo credit.

This type of content gets the most organic engagement by far because people love seeing your real customers experiencing your products/services.

88% of Consumers Trust Anonymous Reviews As Much As They Trust Personal recommendations. -NIELSEN RESEARCH

3) Influencer Marketing. This demonstrates social proof, allowing someone else say how good you are & asking their followers to check your products/services out. Word of caution: there are several legal issues surrounding influencing marketing, so please be sure to consult your lawyer before implementing any Influencer Marketing techniques.

4) Instagram/Facebook Stories. Stories have the capacity to surpass newsfeed content in reach. They’re fun and people love to see what you’re up to in real life.

You have to be willing to get your hands a little dirty and work a little harder, but if you put in the time to do this, you can see success over time using these techniques!

Chelsea Krost – How to Connect & Convert Millennials

If you think your products/services aren’t for Millennials, just remember, Millennials are only getting older and soon they will be your target market….their mindset and purchasing behaviors won’t change just because they age, therefore, everyone will need to know who Millennials are and what makes them tick.

Who are Millennials?

Ages 22-37; make up 80-90 Million people in U.S.; have the largest combined spending power over any other demographic; they are the “insta” generation wanting seamless & quick purchasing ability; prefer do use mobile 1st, not tv – everything digital; they have tons of student loan debt so brands need to be creative in marketing to them to help them justify their purchases. Use the micro-segments for your marketing message – see image.

Brands need to demonstrate value to Millennials; Millennials want quality customization, instant gratification, authenticity, transparency, social good, and they’re all about the experience through purchasing your product/service. They need to justify the cost of the purchase and if you can give them all this, you’ll win them over.

Here are 6 C’s to keep in mind when marketing to Millennials:

  • 1) Connect
  • 2) Communicate
  • 3) Crowd source – ask their feedback; want to feel their voice matters
  • 4) Collaborate – create an experience, like a contest or give away
  • 5) Creative Content – want to feel like you’re speaking directly to them, not the masses, in a way that resonates with them (social good, instant, authenticity, etc.)
  • 6) Consistency – won’t see growth if you’re not consistent

Give your campaigns at least 6 months to see if they’re performing well and don’t delete a post just because it doesn’t get engagement.

Be the solution for them.

Consider Influencer Marketing, especially micro-influencers as they often have more sway over their followers purchasing decisions than people with a ton of followers. Micro-Influencers have a more real, intimate connection to their followers.

Logan Mayville: “Senator, we run ads.” Information about Facebook Ads

He covered important information that will affect all businesses running FB ads, like the new data privacy policies, how to deal with rising costs, and how to avoid 2 common mistakes businesses make when running FB ads. So let’s dive in!

How the new Data Privacy Policy will affect advertisers:

  • No more third-party data providers (effective October 2018)
  • Streamlined ability for users to ‘wipe’ their Facebook data history
  • Less transparent size estimates for Custom Audiences
  • Updates to the Custom Audiences Terms of Service

These targeting categories are disappearing (basically anything that can identify personal information):

  • Many “Behavior” categories
  • Automotive shoppers
  • Charitable donations
  • Credit union member
  • Corporate executives
  • Retail purchase behavior
  • Likely to move
  • Business travelers
  • Company size

What’s the Fix?:

  • Use ‘em while you got ‘em!
  • Double down on Interest categories
  • Move to Pixel data ASAP – don’t forget to update your website privacy policy to comply with the GDPR that went into effect May 25 because now you’ll be tracking people’s data & you need to state what you do with that data & how you will protect people’s personal information.

You can no longer purchase email lists & upload them into FB as custom audiences – you have to agree/state to FB that the list you’re uploading has been obtained by opted in people who have agreed to be contacted by you. Any abuse to this and your ad account will be shut down.

Custom Audience size is no longer going to be shown, so you need to be more proactive:

  • Monitor the frequency of how often the ad is shown; if it’s above 2, start to be concerned; if it’s at 5, shut the ad down.
  • Create automated rules for frequency & % of audience reached

What to do about rising costs of FB Ads?

Facebook Newsfeed CPMs (cost per 1000 impressions) Increased 91% Y/Y. Q1 2017 average CPM cost was $5.85; Q1 2018 average CPM cost was $11.20.

Facebook Newsfeed CPCs (cost per click) Increased 92% Y/Y. Q1 2017 average CPC cost was $.25; Q1 2018 average CPM cost was $.58.

Fun Fact: Big brands have to spend their ad budgets quarterly, so at the end of the quarter when they realize they still have money to spend, they’re frantically running ads to spend up that ad budget; this means they drive up the price of the ads at the end of each quarter, so if you’re smart, you’re running your ads towards the beginning of the quarters!

The good news: People are on Facebook because they WANT to be on Facebook.

  • It’s counter-intuitive to run ads that drive people OFF of FB – don’t let them leave FB! Put your catalog/store on FB so people can buy your products or event tickets right on your FB page.
  • Run video & image ads with tags to your products, and consider most people browse FB on their phones, so run mobile ads.
  • Consider messenger bots to help respond to customer questions about your products/services. Here’s why: Every time we send a broadcast to our list, the customer’s phone vibrates in their pocket with a Facebook notification. And you’re compelled to open every Facebook message you get. It’s a completely different game to email. No more 10% open rates. No more 2% click through rates. This is the real deal. Here are the stats we’re getting using messenger (our last broadcast):
    • Delivery rate: 99.1%
    • Open rate: 96.9%
    • Click through rate: 39.1%
  • They ran ads to sell tickets on Eventbrite – cost per result $80. Sold tickets in Messenger, cost per result $45.

Contests are key to FB Ads:

  • Be sure you’re giving enough time between entry & reward to send about 6-7 email marketing messages
  • It’s not really a contest – everyone wins! Whoever doesn’t win your main prize, gets a discount off tickets & those who click through get your event sponsor give away.

How to avoid 2 common, huge FB Ad Mistakes:

  • Spend too much time targeting “cold” audiences, and the data is not as accurate as you think!
  • Try to use pixel data right away. Need to have several months of data before using it for your FB ads, so set up the pixel today on your website, then run ads using your FB Pixel data in 4-6 months.
  • Try to use Look-a-like audiences – 3 ways to use them:
    • Customer File with Lifetime Value (need a minimum of 500 in your customer file for best results)
    • Page engagement look-a-like audience works awesome!
    • Your page/lead list

ROI of FB Advertising:

Top of the funnel ads won’t give you a return on your money – purely awareness. But you can’t skip to the either (CTA Ads)!! Need to walk the customer through the funnel with multiple ads – spread out your budget over a few months to run these ads! People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.

2 Main ways people use FB Ads – Charging the Bull method & Octopus method. Charging the Bull method is linear, where the landing page works well, have killer ads, & solid audience targeting. BUT this isn’t sustainable because the ad costs will continue to go up over time.

Instead use Octopus method – more diverse approach to advertising

  • 1. Content hub – a gateway to all things valuable
  • 2. Website retargeting
  • 3. LTV Lookalike
  • 4. Engagement Lookalike
  • 5. Purchase/Lead Lookalike
  • 6. Video engagement retargeting
  • 7. Video watch Lookalike
  • 8. Dynamic Product Ads
  • 9. Friends of Page Likes

Close-up of the Website Retargeting Tentacle

  • 1. 1, 3, 10-day retention windows
  • 2. Topical blog posts for ToFu visitors
  • 3. Conversion pieces for MoFu visitors
  • 4. Special offers for BoFu visitors

Instagram Marketing Panel: Stephanie Liu and Bill Vieux

They first started talking about the latest features (IGTV) and then opened it up to Q&A.

IGTV – There are 2 ways to access IGTV: 1 is the traditional way through the mobile app, but 2 is you can use IGTV from your desktop/laptop computer too! From what I understand, you sometimes have better control over the features if you use your computer.

Great resource:

  • You can add links to your website, other articles, etc., even if you have less than 10K followers!
  • Right now your content will be seen by your followers since the area is new & not as crowded, so start now to grow your IGTV audience and then when more people start using it, you’re already with a large following.
  • YT thumbnail templates are good for IGTV and you can edit them together
  • Focus on quality vs. length, however, you can have up to 1 hour on IGTV

Instagram algorithm promotes recent posts again when showing content, but it still has a lot to do with who/what you’re engaging with when seeing content in your newsfeed.

Super important to have an IG Business profile to get added features like insights, etc.

If you’re running a contest or simply want to get attention of an influencer, you need to use both a hashtag and tag that person in order for that person to get a notification.

How to Grow an IG Audience:

  • Use IG Live. Be consistent and have a set schedule to go live so people know when to tune in.
  • If you’re watching a IG Live, “heart bomb” them – send multiple hearts as comments to get a shout-out. Then their followers will notice you, and maybe check out your profile & start following you!
  • Use Stories. Add a bunch of hashtags on Stories to show up in searches, but shrink them down so much so people can’t see them. About 10 work well, but test & experiment to see what combo of hashtags work best for you.
  • Collaborate with other relevant, complementary businesses to incorporate both audiences – you’ll often see new followers from that complementary business.
  • Know your audience – engage with them & help them through your funnel; use effective CTA’s.

Last thoughts:

  • Use long & short captions on your IG posts; need both to be effective.
  • Encourage your followers to use the bookmark function – this signals to IG that you like it and that you’re coming back – builds engagement & gets your posts seen more often.

Please contact us by using the contact form on our website or through Facebook messenger (@AliroMarketing) if you have any questions! Stay Social!

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