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Social Media Engagement Case Study: A Lot of Followers Do Not Equal Success

Social Media Engagement Case Study: A Lot of Followers Do Not Equal Success

Are you happy with the engagement you’re receiving on your social media pages? Did you know that the engagement rate helps determine how often your social media posts are seen in your audience’s newsfeeds?

Social Media Engagement Case Study: I have a client who wanted their analytical data from a recent fundraising campaign from over the summer that lasted a little over 2 months (July 20 – October 7); during this time, we only did 1 small Facebook ad for $40. The majority of our efforts were from organic reach & engagement.

And while I’m hearing a lot of marketers complain that their engagement has seen a recent significant drop, my client blew the average engagement rates out of the water!! Keep in mind most was purely organic engagement.

Here are my client’s engagement rates from July 20 – Oct. 7:

  • Facebook: 13.7% (average is 1% – 5%)
  • LinkedIn: 3.68% (average is 0.54%)
  • Instagram: 97% (average is 3%)

We posted to their Facebook & LinkedIn pages 4 times a week, which were mostly pictures & articles, we shared a few posts from other authoritative accounts in their industry, & posted an occasional pre-recorded video during this time. We also posted to their Instagram page 2-3 times a week with only pictures or the occasional pre-recorded video. We might have done 1-3 Stories during this time, but most were feed posts.

Did my client have a lot of followers? No. Facebook had 168 page likes; LinkedIn Company page was created brand new and has 15 followers; and Instagram had 101 followers.

Summary: What did we learn from this case study?

1. That you do not need 10K followers to have a successful engagement campaign on social media! We busted that myth wide open!

2. That as long as you put yourself into your audience’s shoes to think like them first before creating content for social media, you will naturally create the kind of content people relate to and want to see more of on social media. And guess what? You might even get them to come back! Building relationships online is crucial to gaining a loyal following who will not only engage with your social media content, but do respond to your call to actions! Quality content that you audience needs & wants always wins.

We’re so thrilled to be able to help our clients receive above average engagement on their social media pages!!

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