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Privacy Policy

Generative AI Policy

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and best practices for the responsible and secure use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) within our organization. Generative AI refers to technology that can generate human-like text, images, videos, or other media content using AI algorithms.

2.0 Scope

This policy applies to all employees, contractors, and third-party individuals who have access to generative AI technologies or are involved in using generative AI tools or platforms on behalf of our organization.

3.0 Acceptable Use

3.1. Authorized Use

Generative AI tools and platforms may only be used for business purposes approved by the organization. Such purposes may include content generation for marketing, website content, product development, research, or other legitimate activities. While we use AI Tools to generate text, images, and videos for our client's marketing, we always have a human double-check the output to ensure accuracy and adhesion to our company's quality standards.

3.2. Prior Permission Required

Absolutely no generative AI tools and platforms may be downloaded or otherwise introduced to the company environment without prior written approval from the CEO, Alicia Shapiro, [email protected].

3.3. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

All users of generative AI within our organization must comply with applicable laws, regulations, and ethical guidelines governing intellectual property, privacy, data protection, and other relevant areas.

3.4. Intellectual Property Rights

Users must respect and protect intellectual property rights, both internally and externally. Unauthorized use of copyrighted material or creation of content that infringes on the intellectual property of others is strictly prohibited.

3.5. Responsible AI Usage

Users are responsible for ensuring that the generated content produced using generative AI aligns with the organization's values, ethics, and quality standards. Generated content must not be used if it is misleading, harmful, offensive, or discriminatory. All users are also instructed to ensure content is not accidentally plagiarized by using Copyscape to check for content duplication.

3.6 AI Decision-making Principles

Our company is committed to making decisions about the use of AI that are responsible, ethical, and aligned with our values. To guide our decision-making process, we will adhere to the following principles:

  • Human-centered: We will prioritize the needs and well-being of our employees and customers over the potential benefits of using AI.
  • Social responsibility: We will consider the impact of our AI tools on society as a whole, and we will ensure that our tools do not harm individuals or communities.
  • Continuous improvement: We will continually evaluate and update our AI Tools to ensure that they align with our values and meet the needs of our employees and customers.
  • Transparency: We will be transparent about our decision-making process and communicate openly with our employees and customers about how and why we use AI.

4.0 Access and Security

4.1. Authorized Access

Access to generative AI tools, platforms, or related systems will be restricted to authorized personnel only. Users must not share their access credentials or allow unauthorized individuals to use the generative AI tools on their behalf.

4.2. Secure Configuration

Generative AI tools and platforms must be configured securely, following industry best practices and vendor recommendations. This includes ensuring the latest updates, patches, and security fixes are applied in a timely manner.

4.3. User Authentication

Strong authentication mechanisms, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), should be implemented for accessing generative AI tools and platforms. Passwords used for access should be unique, complex, and changed regularly.

4.4. Data Protection

Users must handle any personal, sensitive, or confidential data generated or used by generative AI tools in accordance with the organization's data protection policies and applicable laws. Inputting sensitive, or confidential organization data into an online AI prompt is prohibited.

5.0 Monitoring and Incident Response

5.1. Incident Reporting

Any suspected or confirmed security incidents related to generative AI usage should be reported promptly to the organization's CEO, Alicia Shapiro, [email protected].

5.2. Monitoring

Regular monitoring will be conducted to ensure programs are running optimally, and we may decide to switch AI Tools without notice to our customers or employees.

6.0 Training and Awareness

6.1. Education and Training

Employees and relevant personnel will receive training on the responsible and secure use of generative AI. This training should cover topics such as ethical considerations, potential risks, security best practices, and compliance requirements.

6.2. Awareness Campaigns

Regular awareness campaigns and communications should be conducted to reinforce the importance of cybersecurity, responsible AI usage, and adherence to this policy.

7.0 Non-Compliance

Non-Compliance with this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or contract, and legal consequences if applicable laws are violated.

8.0 Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed periodically and updated as necessary to address emerging risks, technological advancements, regulatory changes.