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 Who is Aliro Marketing? Aliro Marketing assists local businesses to increase brand awareness through social media, email marketing, blogs, and other marketing techniques that will ultimately increase sales and traffic to their businesses and websites. I manage the social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & Instagram for business owners who understand the value of social media but simply do not have the time to properly manage the profiles themselves. I allow owners to “Find...

In my last blog post, I addressed some of the common fears Small Business Owners have about jumping into the Social Media realm to promote their business.  You can read more on that blog post here.  To build upon the concept of being held back by the fear of the unknown, I wanted to expand on the fears of using blogs for your business. Some common questions I've received are:  “How will blogs help my business?  How...

Friendship is a wonderful thing, and although you can’t see it directly, you can see its effects in laughter, supportive gestures, and hugs. Giving more than you receive and truly caring about the other person will create a desire to continue to be around the other person, which will return you many years in a happy friendship. Social Media Marketing is like a real-life friendship. It’s intangible, but you can see its effects in likes,...

I've come across many small business owners who are still tentative about entering the Social Media Marketing arena for their business.  Maybe they think it's confusing, overwhelming, or scared it will hurt their brand's image, but Social Media Marketing doesn't need to be scary, and there's no reason to hide from it any longer. Some of the fears I've come across are: We have to give away things for free and I can't afford to keep giving it...

How can you be sure your posts are being seen by your fans & receive "likes"? 1) Keep It Short; posts between 100-250 characters get most likes, shares, & comments. 2) Be Visual; posts with pictures & videos get more engagement, but even links with thumbnail pictures will be beneficial. 3) Ask For What You Want; opinion-driven questions draw in more engagement. 4) Post Daily; I can't over state this enough. If you're not giving your fans something to see...

1) Always operate with honesty & integrity, even when it's easier not to do so. If you always do what's right, even when it's hard, customers will notice & appreciate it by giving you their business in the future & telling their friends & family how awesome your business is. When you're honest about pricing or the work you're doing, customers appreciate the effort, even if they're not paying attention at the time. 2) Fill...

Do you say "thank you" when people compliment your hair or outfit, or the job you performed?  Then you should be carrying over those same manners into your relationships online.  This shows your integrity and passion for customer service and is a personal touch that the larger companies don't often do.  Customers will see this and want to give their business to a company who actually cares about the people. I am constantly surprised at how people...